Scimarec Ceramic Technology: Top Customer Service and High-Quality Ceramic Products

Posted by Admin | July 16th, 2013

As an early-stage start-up, Scimarec Ceramic Technology is uniquely positioned to identify and capitalize upon opportunities in niche markets to develop and manufacture high-quality ceramic tubes, crucibles, nozzles, rods, diffusers and components for industrial and technical applications. Worldwide markets for its products include companies in the petro-chemical, chemical, power generation, air purification and process heating industries.

Scimarec Ceramic Technology has a management team and ownership that is customer oriented and dedicated to delivering first-class customer service and high-quality ceramic products that exceed user expectations. Whether assisting a customer to select a stock product from the company’s large inventory or creating a customized ceramic solution to address a customer’s specific need, Scimarec Ceramic Technology is committed to providing the optimal and cost-effective solution to even the most complex application challenge.

Developing solutions to customer application problems has become an essential element to business growth and expansion at Scimarec. Customers know that the company has experienced design staff and engineers to guide them from component specifications and material selection through prototype and production.

Scimarec Ceramic Technology offers products designed for applications such as temperature sensing, furnace tubes, instrument systems and other applications. Metallurgy applications include components for primary aluminum manufacturing and aluminum foundries. Scimarec multibore tubes and bearings are used primarily in steel manufacturing and steel strip galvanizing operations.

With a goal of developing and maintaining an organization that can anticipate and meet customer needs, Scimarec Ceramic Technology seeks to collaborate with customers and others in the industry to identify new markets and needs for its products and technological capabilities.

Scimarec Ceramic Technology Manufactures Pumping System Components

Posted by Admin | August 5th, 2013

Component cleaning and reduced component lifespan (due to oxidation) can cause manufacturing delays and increase production costs. For those in the nonferrous metal industry, Scimarec Ceramic Technology offers a solution with precision ceramic pump components for use in molten aluminum pumping systems. The choice of ceramic materials make these components less susceptible to oxidation, so customers will benefit from longer usage, reduced downtime for replacement and improved production cost-efficiency.

Scimarec achieves longer intervals between pump service by eliminating graphite components at the critical melt-line. Customers will see lower operating costs as cleaning and service intervals are extended.

Scimarec Ceramic Technology Offers Crucibles for Large Induction Furnaces

Posted by Admin | July 31st, 2013

One of the keys to success in the nonferrous metal industry, particularly with large induction furnaces, is maintaining predictable performance with consistent crucible characteristics. Scimarec Ceramic Technology produces ceramic tongue and groove segmented linings for use in large induction furnaces. The linings are made of precisely engineered tiles with a tongue and groove design that makes installation and disassembly easier and less costly than other lining systems.

Available in a variety of ceramic compositions, the tongue and groove linings produce a higher quality metal with fewer impurities. Reduced erosion characteristics mean a longer crucible life and lower production costs for the user.